Artist Rose Coit

Welcome to my online art store, come on in and look around and get aquitaine with me, Artist Rose Coit. I hand paint oil, acrylic, digital painting and art quilts of people, places and things in rich vibrant colors; that warms the heart and moves the soul. As a Visual Artist, my artwork is inspired by my culture, community and the nature environment around me. My art education and experience is a long journey, which I am still on. I was born to create and I started drawing people in elementary school and discovered painting in high school. After high school, I attended Moore’s College of Art in Philadelphia, PA, but left to join the Army. After marrying a fellow soldier and raising two beautiful children, I am now a full-time Artist. I have a BS degree in IT/Software Engineering and minor in Business from Texas A&M University. I am so glad you here viewing my art and I hope you find a artwork that you love enough to purchase for your home or business. Also please sign up for chance to win a free digital art portrait of you or your family member.